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Building Green

DiPietro Homes, LLC is committed to creating homes that use energy and natural resources responsibly.  To that end, we make every effort to insure that the materials we use and our work practices reflect this commitment to our environment and towards helping you save on costs and effort of maintaining your new home.  Some of the green features we utilize include.

-  Evaluation of site resources (soil, water, vegetation)
-  locate structures on the land to minimize impact.
-  Protection of trees and topsoil during site work
-  Locally produced building materials from responsible wood suppliers.
-  Minimal use of pressure-treated lumber.
-  Energy-efficient windows - Energy Star certified
   ( provide 99% protection from UV-A and UV-B rays)
-  Low flow plumbing fixtures
   (including dual flush toilets, low flow showerheads and faucet aerators)
-  Low or zero VOC paints
-  Using water based sealers or natural linseed oil
   (for wood floors and/or woodwork)
-  Energy Star rated appliances
-  Timed, programmable thermostats
-  Insulated water heaters
-  Gas fireplaces
-  Minimize job-site waste and dispose of materials appropriately
-  Water-efficient, low maintenance landscaping
   (using plants native to the region and contribute to the environment)

We welcome the opportunity to discuss, other energy saving and environmentally safe options which may be available.

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